Who are we and what do we do?

The American Legion Auxiliary has been around for a long time - over seventy-five years, in fact. If each of our one million members were asked what the Auxiliary does, what would she say?

Many would talk about the millions of hours of volunteer time we give to assist veterans at home, in hospitals, and in the field. And, they would be right.

Others will tell about the millions of dollars donated to worthy causes around the world and in our own communities. Right again!

Some would stress the community service work we do and the thousands of special projects we have funded to assist families and children across the nation. And, they would be right as well!

And of course, everyone would mention our poppies - those little red crepe paper flowers made by and for hospitalized veterans - and the many thousands we distribute every Memorial Day.

That's just the beginning!

WE WORK to prevent substance abuse, teen suicide, child abuse, and teen pregnancy.

WE EDUCATE our children for leadership through scores of local and national scholarship programs.

WE ORGANIZE community blood drives, local and national conservation efforts, emergency and disaster relief worldwide, citizenship and education programs, child safety materials, and legislative action.

WE HELP our own members through the Auxiliary Emergency and Displaced Homemakers Funds and our service people and their families through the Family Assistance network.

The Auxiliary is all of this and much, much more!

And, we're looking for people like you!

Nurturing Tradition...Fostering Change


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