Honor Guard Appreciation Day

April 14, 2012




Special thanks to all of those Legion members and volunteers that made this program possible - we could not do these types of events without you!



American Legion Honor Guard Appreciation Day

April 14, 2012 (Saturday)

Social Hour - 4:00 pm; Pictures - 5:00 pm; Meal - 5:30 pm; Progran - 6:15 pm

Please take time out of your schedule to join us on the 14th of April to recognize the members of the Hoopeston American Legion Honor Guard. Members, family, guests and friends of the Hoopeston American Legion are cordially invited to attend.

The Hoopeston American Legion has been blessed and has continued to be blessed over the years to have a group of volunteers dedicated to providing ceremonial rites to those that have served the various military organizations of our great nation that have passed. Those that have had the opportunity to be a part of that experience, realize that the Hoopeston Post Home does not take a back seat to anyone. They take great pride in their presentation and appearance, there are none better!

We are extremely proud of our Honor Guard and we woould like to take time out to recognize those that currently are active and to those that have served in the past.

Our post would like to especially recognioze a group of our senior members: Bob Drew, Chuck Hollen, Arthur "Red" Nelson, Hank Vacketta and Chuck Whiteman. A special recognition program will be extended to all of the members of the Honor Guard. Come and share some time, stories, experiences and a free meal.




Call to Order - Frank Rutledge, Legion Commander

Welcome - Bill Crusinberry, Mayor

Master of Ceremonies - Steve Unger, Legion Chaplain

Presentaion of Colors

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation and Meal: Swiss steak dinner with desserts (special thanks to the Church of God for their help.)

Introduction of Kevin Jett - SAL Commander

Introduction of Ginger Colvin - Auxiliary President

Presentation for Ed Jones - 50 year certificate

Commence Honor Guard Awards:

Special Service Award to Randy Carter




We are very proud of our Honor Guard and hope these photographs taken during the program give you a sense for that pride:

Getting ready for the Appreciation Program.

Just waiting for the speakers to arrive.

And here are all the awards waiting to be presented.

Lots of great food including cake for dessert.

Chuck Hollen enjoyed having his family with him to celebrate.

The hall filled up quickly. Great food, good laughs and honoring our Honor Guard drew a large crowd.

Just hanging out and getting ready.

Bob Duffin getting the troops in line for the opening ceremonies.

Now they're all ready to start...Gene Hanson, Flag Bearer

From Right to left: Bob Duffin, Mike Eckersley, Steve Foster, Jerry Procise, Joe Fell, Marty Parsons, Jerry Mullen, Harold Blackwell, Bob Dilley and Bob Byerly


Steve Unger was the master-of-ceremonies and was wonderful!

Even Mayor Cruisenberry was there.

Bob Duffin presents Bob Drew with his award.

And Bob is the recipient of the Official Navy Mop Award - always a good laugh!

Frank Rutledge, Post Commander, presents Ed Jones an award for his 50th Anniversary with the American Legion!

Gary Miller presents an award to Red Nelson,

who was also celebrating his 80th birthday!


Randy Carter, working hard in the kitchen, received a surprise award for his service to Post 384.


This section has individual pictures of Honor Guard members. Let's start off with a group shot of the four oldest members of the Honor Guard.

Chuck Hollen, Red Nelson, Bob Drew and Chuck Whiteman


Bob Drew Jerry MullenMarty Parsons


Harold BlackwellFrank Rutledge, Post CommanderJoe Fell


Bob DilleySteve Foster Bob Byerly


Mike Eckersley Red NelsonChuck Whiteman


Gene Hanson Bob Duffin, Leader of the Honor Guard






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